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Quartz crystals are among the most powerful crystals you can find on planet Earth. This is because unlike many other crystals, quartz comes in several different forms, including a clear form that can be programmed for whichever purpose you desire. Quartz is also powerful because the crystal acts as an energy amplifier. This means that quartz crystals can boost one's energy by just being within your energy field. A very interesting variety of crystal that has unique properties that generate electromagnetism, using quartz crystals for your own wellbeing and development can raise your vibration to a very high level.


Having been used by indigenous people for millennia, and now more and more by modern people, you can also learn what the properties of this natural energy amplifier are, and how you can use quartz crystal as a tool that adds to the quality of your life. In this short video, I explain one way in which I have discovered how to used a certain kind of quartz crystal to increase your energy. This practice will be useful to those who do energy work, as well as those who may be low on energy after a long day at work, after extended periods of fatigue or those who just want to learn how to expand their energy fields and to increase their energy.

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