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This is a course for a spiritually-oriented individual who has the desire to take steps toward developing multiple aspects of self as outlined in Franz Bardon’s book Initiation Into Hermetics (IIH). IIH is based on Ancient Egyptian spiritual science, and Franz Bardon was said to be a high ranking, spiritually advanced initiate that lived in the Western world many decades ago. Although Franz Bardon’s book is based on Ancient Egyptian spiritual science, his presentation and approach are very modern and practical, as opposed to being archaic or symbolic.

The course will consist of both theoretical and practical aspects. The theoretical aspects will focus on theory that is needed to complete the training found in the first two stages of Franz Bardon’s ten-stage training program for developing multiple aspects of the self. The practical aspects will entail the exercises found in Franz Bardon’s training manual. There will be greater emphasis on the practical aspects.

Bardon’s ten-stage training program, when done appropriately and correctly, is designed to train the initiate/seeker to become a highly developed human being. This means having highly developed emotional, mental and spiritual capacities. Once the initiate/seeker attains higher and higher stages of mental, emotional and spiritual development, (s)he can then serve as a representative of Divine Providence on Earth. In Franz Bardon’s works, Divine Providence is a term used to represent the universal spiritual powers benevolent to all life. At this stage, the highly developed individual can have abilities that are essentially those of a magical being.

Bardon’s training manual can be used alongside the help of a guide/mentor or independent of one. In this course, I will be serving as a mentor. As one of the first systems I faithfully trained in, and one that I stuck with into the advanced stages, I have some experiences to share with initiates/seekers only getting familiar with Franz Bardon’s training system. Each lesson in this course will consist of commentary on my part, and an emphasis on key points to attend to for developing the capacities/qualities in question.

At the end of this course, you will have developed some experience in, and learned how to work toward:

(a) Controlling and disciplining your thoughts (b) Conducting deep introspection of yourself to learn about qualities of your soul/subconscious mind (c) Introducing your body to “pore breathing”, the “true breathing” (d) Being sensitive to and beginning to work with the “elements” (e) Learning how to manifest thoughts by working with your subconscious mind (f) Exercising the faculty of mental concentration (g) Transmuting less desirable qualities into more desirable ones (h)


Course duration: 1-3 months (depending on individual capacities and rates of progress)


Course Requirements:

(a) Course Text: Initiation Into Hermetics, (b) Course diary for recording experiences, (c) Sacred space for practicing exercises


It is also my hope that those who take this course might consider taking future intermediate and advanced courses in Franz Bardon’s system, and continue to train either by themselves or with the guidance of a mentor.

Course Curriculum

Mental training across spiritual traditions 00:00:00
Intro quiz 00:00:00

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